Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5, Samsung S ||| and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Today here i am going to explore all the latest technologies and recent features of three major phones.

First i start from my best phone ever non other than Nokia Lumia 920 than Apple iPhone 5 and Sumsung S III. With exploring all the technologies, design and including price i can sure that Nokia Lumia leads among all the competitive.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5

There’s Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III, one of the newest Android devices. Consumers have reportedly snapped up 20 million S IIIs since it launched in June. Google’s Galaxy Nexus, also made my Samsung, is another direct iPhone rival. And with Jelly Bean OS, it’s one of the only Android phones running Google’s newest mobile operating system. Finally, there’s the Nokia Lumia 920, powered by Windows Phone 8, which is the biggest hope for the nascent Windows mobile platform.

Finnaly, the four phones don’t have too many differentiating factors in terms of specs. If you absolutely want NFC on your phone, then Apple’s iPhone 5 won’t suit your needs. Then again, if you want an excellent camera, the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 will likely be the top options. As for people who want as much screen space as possible, the Galaxy S III satisfies that requirement. But hardware isn’t everything, and if you’re looking for the latest Android software, then you’ll want to stick with Google’s flagship Galaxy Nexus. The same goes for people who only want to deal with iOS or Windows Phone OS.

While Samsung’s Android-based smartphones have long been the iPhone’s biggest competition, Nokia’s Lumia 920 is now one of the most talked-about new devices. In terms of design, it’s arguably one of the most stunning phones any company has announced in a long time


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