Thursday, 20 September 2012

Why HTC replicating Nokia Lumia Phones

Please don't be anger on me if i say that HTC is totally cheating the Nokia Lumia Phones, i know that there are huge fans follower of the HTC Phones but what i say, if its true about HTC.

I am not talking some thing like fake but i have strong reasons behind this matter, here i am going to showing all the true cheating yes i called it a true cheating.

First time when i saw this i cant believe that how HTC can do such a mistake like this but, when i compare HTC Phones from Nokia Lumia Phones then its become clear that HTC is totally replicating the latest Nokia Lumia windows smart phones.

Here are some specific sample of replicating:
HTC replicate Nokia Lumia
Totally confused?? Yes or Not?...Not
OK here is one more..

HTC replicate Nokia Lumia

Now this time i think you are sure that how HTC have done pure replication.

Now, I will tell you what they are... they are damn good replicas of Nokia Lumia phones. You know what HTC did? They saw how successful Nokia's Lumia phones have been since the introduction of the first: Lumia 800 and since then they have taken ideas, parts from the Lumia family (610, 710, 800, 900, 920 and 820) and molded that into their "own". That's why when you look at the 8X and 8S, you see a bit of 800, 710, 610, 800, 920 and 820 in it.


Nokia Lumia 820

 This is the original one that is Nokia Lumia 820 Smartphone by Nokia

From the color scheme and range to the unibody polycarbonate mono-block form factor, this has gotten Nokia written all over it.

And they have to audacity to say their design was inspired by windows phone tiles, yea right!

Finally what i say that HTC should not do such type of open replication because its defiantly  decrease the market value of HTC and the good thing for Nokia is that at now days Nokia is dominating on the global market of cell phones. 


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