Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Over Samsung SIII

Nokia Lumia 920 Over Samsung SIII (Video Stabilization)

Hai!!!!!!! friends, in my last post i have explain how Nokia Lumia 920 Camera’s Picture quality is far better than Samsung SIII even in the dark or night mode operation.

Lumia 920 Vs Samsung SIII

Today here i am going to show how an recorded video by Nokia Lumia 920 is more digital and clear without any unnecessary noise over Samsung SIII.

You know that some time when you are travelling through bus, trains or even by your car you feel that there are some unique and more beautiful place which you want to capture in your mobile phone if that available at that time, but what happen when you again want to watch your recorded clip at your home, how do you feel if the recorded clip is noisy and bluer, really its seems very bad and we come quite sad.

But don’t worry if you are recording all these from Nokia Lumia 920 with running cars or bikes, no doubt that recording is so digital and shaking free if you go with Lumia 920 apart from Samsung SIII or Apple iPhone 5.


Watch this below Video and you can judge your self which is the better one Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung SIII.


Now, after watching this video what you want to tell me i know that, but you can give me your comment below i am waiting for your suggestions and comments..........thanks...


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