Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nokia Suite Beta now supports Nokia Lumia Phones

Hello... to all of you...
Yes its a great news for all the Symbian users who will be switching to a Nokia Lumia family, we have all been used to Nokia Suite and this news that we can use it instead of the less intuitive Zune software is pretty encouraging.

Nokia Suit

Now, Nokia Suite has a new beta version over at Nokia Betalabs, Nokia Suite v3.6.11 now allows you to sync and manage your Lumia Phone contents like music, pictures, video, contacts etc to your PC.

The Nokia Suite recently got N9 support only a few months ago but now the windows phone running Lumia's are now supported on it.

With the latest version of Nokia suite, you can:

  • Copy content between Nokia phone and your computer.
  • Get important improvement and fixes for known problems.

Nokia Suite                                                     
EXE | 89.6 MB | Multilingual package                                     

Find answers to your questions in Nokia Suite help:

To get help and find answers to your questions about Nokia Suite and your connected phone, open Nokia Suite and, on the Help menu, click Nokia Suite help. Or, go to the Support view of Nokia Suite and click to open theHelp and guides section.

Watch this Video how to connect your phone and PC:


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