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  Jafar Emam
   (CEO & Author)

Jafar Emam holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from GBTU.
During his study period he mostly uses his time in Computing and Internet apart from study of his core subjects. 

He started his blogging in April 2012. At present Jafar Emam is professional blogger and Web designer running various sites and blogs from his living room.

You can connect with Jafar Emam on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus. Also you can send him an email at Jafaremam@technotagplus.com

About Technotag:

Technotag launch in April 2012, the purpose of launching Technotag is only to explore the actual technical knowledge among the people who are connected to the tech world and internet.

At present Technotag one of the best site which explore all the latest Technologies and  Information about Tech World, Gadgets, Software, News, Social Networking, Google Services, Tips & Trick, Mobile Phones and many more.

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