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Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Apple iPhone 5: the people speak

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Apple iPhone 5: the people speak

The Nokia Lumia 920 or the Apple iPhone 5, that’s the question that has been asked by more people over the last few weeks than any other tech question. Here we take a look at what you’ve been saying and makes for mighty interesting reading!
Recently we asked you what you thought about the Nokia Lumia 920 versus Apple iPhone 5 debate and it’s clear you've all got clearly defined opinions.

Yes, we’re a Nokia fan site and proud of it but even we were shocked by the amount of support for the Nokia Lumia 920, as well as by the general unease people seem to have about the arrival of a new iPhone. Are we on the verge of a tipping point, it looks that way!

Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is boring!

The main problem with the Apple iPhone 5 as far as you guys see it is that Apple has simply taken it’s eye off the end-game. The result being a rather boring and lacklustre offering in the Apple iPhone 5.
It’s also very clear that Apple has taken a wrong turn with its mapping decisions, making the move to Nokia and its proven sat-nav abilities an easy option for those looking for solid and reliable mapping in the form of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive.

Why the Nokia Lumia 920 matters

One of the things that came through come from your comments was that Nokia was often your favourite of old and in recent time you’ve started thinking of coming back and just needed the right incentive- that’s where the Nokia Lumia 920 comes in.

With a host of high-end innovations bristling under the hood, from the PureMotion HD+ display and PureView camera to NFC and wireless charging, everyone seems very excited about the prospects of what the Nokia Lumia 920 is set to deliver.

When will the Nokia Lumia 920 arrive?

The iPhone 5 is out there and selling well, which was expected, while we’re waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920 to get a launch date. This has resulted in the only frustration people seem to have amount this Windows Phone 8 – when can we get our hands on it?

So, where do your feelings lie about the Nokia Lumia 920? Curious about what it can offer, or anxious to get your hands on it? Disagree with what other NokNok readers have had to say about their choices? Let us know your feelings in the Comments below..


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