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Extraction review for Xbox Live on your Nokia Lumia

Extraction review for Xbox Live on your Nokia Lumia

Extraction is the latest Xbox Live game to hit the Windows Phone Store and is ideal for your Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Lumia 800. The military themed game is all about defeating a zombie invasion. Find out more with our Extraction game review for Xbox Live.
Extraction, also known as Extraction: Project Outbreak, has been released by game studio Chillingo and is a zombie fighting game that owes quite a good deal to strategy games rather than FPS games.

Ultimate Windows Phone game reviews for your Nokia Lumia:
The game starts with a recon mission, which also acts as the basic training tutorial and it’s advised you take it otherwise you’ll soon come a cropper in the game full. That said, the actual game mechanics are quiet straight forward.
To move you simply tap the screen and you’re character will start to make his way to that location. Spot any zombies coming towards you and simply swipe across them and you’ll keep shooting until they are dead or you’ve run out of bullets.
If you run out of ammunition then the only way to survive is to open a good old fashioned can of whup-ass and frantically swipe at the zombies until you’ve beaten them into the ground. Obviously this is the most dangerous to go about things so keep your eyes peeled for ammunition and health pods that are scatted around the various zones.
What we like about the action is that you can choose multiple targets simply by swiping across them all and your character will take them out in turn. The trick is to constantly stay on the alert and to keep moving. If you stop and allow the masses of undead to get too close then you’re doomed to join heir ranks.
We’ve been playing it on our Nokia Lumia 900 and the larger 4.3-inch screen really allows you to get into the thick of the action.We’ve also tried it on our Nokia Lumia 610 but sadly, it needs more than 256MB of RAM to run Extraction so the game won’t run on the budget handset – one of only a few Xbox Live games to fail so far
Extraction has that feel of classic shooting games but the 3D graphics bring it nicely to life and give it a raw and gritty feel. It comes with four game modes in the full version: Extermination, Rescue, Repair and Escort and the developers claim there are a good 4 – 5 hours of gaming fun to be had if you work your way steadily through it.
With each level played you can gain XP that in turn allows you to buy new equipment and improve your chances of survival.
Extraction costs 79p and comes with a free trial so you can check out whether you want to splash out on this rather fun and exciting Xbox Live game.


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