Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nokia Research Center

Hello!!! dear friends today here i am going to give you a valuable but totally free of cost information about the Nokia Research center.

Recently Nokia Research Center has developed a new system for finding parking spots that rewards users for sharing information on primo spots. It’s a smart approach to a common problem, as users might be more willing to share if they know they’ll get privileged information in return.

Parking Symbol

Parking System

Next time when you’re driving endlessly around the block wondering if there’s a spot open a couple blocks over, consider how much you’d be willing to pay for that type of information. If the answer is “nothing,” you’re in luck — because a new system developed by the Nokia Research Center doesn’t want your money. It just wants a little bit of your time, effort and information.

This named TruCentive,  this software works like a bartering system of sorts for information on open parking spots. The more information users share about open spaces, the more credits they get for information on parking spots when they’re in need. And the more valuable the data users share (e.g., crowded downtown areas are worth more than the ‘burbs), the more credits they receive.

Parking area

The credit system is a particularly smart idea in a world where citizens don’t always get value in return for their troubles. The thinking behind TruCentive is to encourage use of the system by rewarding citizens’ efforts, as opposed to similar crowdsourced parking apps that rely on citizen participation but have neither a carrot nor a stick at their disposal, according to the New Scientist post. 

Active users can be assured they’re getting special treatment in return for the data they share, while parasitic users will have to contribute or keep getting lower-quality information.

On my behalf i can say it is the starting of New technology to solve our daily problems.


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