Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Get a chance to ask Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (LIVE: 25th Sept. 4am EST)

Get a chance to ask Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
(LIVE: 25th Sept. 4am EST)

Hai! friends, today i am asking all of you that if you get a chance to meet to Mr. Stephen Elop (Nokia CEO) than what do you want to ask from him.. yea! i am not kidding but, here a great chance to all of you that you can meet to Mr. Stephen Elop and ask your own questions about the Latest Nokia Lumia family or other Nokia apps.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Engadget is organizing a live Q&A with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop today (Sept 25th) at 4AM EST.

For 30mins you will be able to ask him anything, but 30mins isn't enough to answer everyone's questions, so they are obviously going to be picky on what questions get answered.

But we all know what question is on our minds: When is the Lumia 920 coming out?
This is the #1 question in the tech world right now, I'm sure.

But there are also other questions we would like answered, here's a list of questions I wouldn't mind getting answers to.

  • How much is the 920/820 going to cost? 
  • What are your thoughts on the HTC 8S and 8X phones?
  • Will we get a Nokia Win8 tablet before the end of this year?
  • When will theWP7.8 update begin rolling out for existing Lumia owners
  • Will we get a Nokia Flagship store on the West Coast in the US?
  • Any plans on offering free upgrades (or some kind of discount) to Lumia 920/820 from existing Lumia 900 owners (At&t)?
  • Is the Nokia 808 PureView the last Symbian^3 phone?
  • How long is the transition to windows phone going to last?
  • DO you sometimes have second thoughts about adopting android?
  • What does Nokia hope to achieve in the next 12months?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

You can ask S. Elop your questions by tweeting them to @EngadgetLive.

You can also read questions and answers from this page


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