Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nokia NFC Technology

Nokia NFC Technology

The Touch Of Genius

The Nokia NFC is ingenious technology that makes life more simple, easy and straightforward with fun. NFC is a quick and easy way you can connect, share, transfer and play with your Nokia Mobile phone.

The Nokia NFC technology is one step ahead to make Nokia smartphone more better.

What is NFC?

What could be easier than touching phones together to share your world and connect with friends? That’s pretty much all it takes to make Near Field Communication (NFC) work on an enabled phone.

NFC makes it possible for your phone to instantly connect and interact with other phones, devices and interactive tags. 
You can use an NFC-enabled phone to simplify purchases, or as an alternative to a travel card. You can also get information such as news or travel updates by touching your phone to a ‘smart’ poster – or swap personal details with a new contact with a simple tap.

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NFC makes it easy to share your world with friends and family. Whether it’s photos and videos you’ve taken, or a film you just have to show someone – NFC makes it so simple. 
How simple? Find the photo you want to share, tap the phone you want to pass it to, and that’s it – even easier than taking a photo! You can share videos between phones the same way. 
Swapping contact details with people is now simpler too. There’s no need to send messages or make calls. NFC also helps you in your work life. Who needs business cards when you can swap contact details just by tapping two phones together?

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NFC turns your entertainment completely wireless. You can pair your device with compatible headphones and wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – you can listen to what you love.
You can start a party anywhere by pairing your phone with compatible speakers to create the ultimate in home-entertainment. And if you’ve got a lot on your hands, you can go hands-free by tapping your phone to connect to a compatible handset. Then you can carry on the conversation as you go about your business. When you’re finished, just tap to hang up.


It’s not only devices that you can interact with. With NFC tags you can touch ‘smart’ posters in the street to download a trailer for the next blockbuster movie or music festival.  
Clothes shopping becomes even more fun and convenient when you can check size and colour choices just by tapping the in-store display. And dining out is even more tantalising when you can touch an interactive ad in the newspaper to get directions to that great new restaurant everyone is talking about.
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Share the magic

NFC takes gaming to whole new levels. Tap into the challenge of Angry Birds with Magic with your friends.
It features 20 levels, 15 of which can only be activated by touching your NFC-enabled phone with another. Can’t find someone else with an NFC phone? Simply wave the phone in front of NFC tags embedded in selected locations and there’s your next level – now that’s magic!
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Tap for apps

Drivers, start your engines...Experience the excitement of multiplayer gaming and tap into NFC racing with Asphalt 5. 
Everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing behind the wheel is here on your phone. Stop dreaming and get in!

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