Monday, 7 May 2012

Nokia 808 PureView Overview

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Nokia 808 PureView with a monster 41 Mega pixel camera 

Nokia have launch the latest 808 PureView with a monster 41 Mega pixel camera and a 1.3 single-core processor, the PureView was designed with mobile imagery in mind.

The 808 PureView is the first of Nokia’s PureView range and includes some really stunning optics along with some very clever technology to bring it all together – as you won’t need full 41 megapixel images (as that’d be as big as a billboard), the Nokia 808′s image processor will oversample, taking edge data from seven neighbourly pixels to produce one perfectly calculated pixel in data. 

That turns into a 5 megapixel image of unprecedented image quality and sharpness with almost zero noise. Without a doubt, it’s the single best camera to ever ship on a smartphone.

This is subject to change though, so for the latest prices, be sure to check out the sim-free Nokia 808 PureView product page.
As well as the phone itself, we’ll also be happy to stock a full range of Nokia 808 PureView accessories, including Nokia 808 PureView cases and screen protectors. We’ll also have all of the necessary bits and bobs you’d need for an extended photography trip, including Nokia 808 PureView chargers and car holders.

*** Nokia 808 PureView handset expected cost will be about Approx. £539.


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