Monday, 23 April 2012

Nokia Logos

Nokia Logos:

In Past Time

Nokia Company logo. Founded in Tampere in 1865, incorporated in Nokia in 1871
The brand logo of Finnish Rubber Works, founded in Helsinki in 1898. Logo from 1965 to 1966


The Nokia Corporation "arrows" logo, used before the "Connecting People" logo.


 Nokia introduced its "Connecting People"
advertising slogan, coined by Ove Strandberg and used since 1992.


At Present Time


Nokia's current logo used since 2006, with the redesigned "Connecting People" slogan.

This slogan originally used Nokia's proprietary 'Nokia Sans' font, designed by Erik Spiekermann.
This was replaced in 2011 with the 'Nokia Pure' font designed by Dalton Maag.

 Nokia Siemens Networks logo. Founded in 2007.


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